Thirty Percent (30%) Auto Repair Reimbursement


“Automobile” means personal auto owned or leased by the “Member” or a family member residing in the Member’s primary household and solely used for personal use. 

Member means an individual who has purchased and is an active member of a membership program.

“Membership Effective Date” means the date the membership period started.

Description of Coverage

The Member is eligible to receive a thirty percent (30%) reimbursement of the payment made to repair an Automobile if the repair occurred at least thirty (30) days after the Membership Effective Date. 

Reimbursements are limited to thirty percent (30%) of the repair payment up to five hundred dollars ($500) per occurrence. The maximum reimbursement amount the Member can receive during a twelve (12) month membership period is one thousand dollars ($1,000). 

The reimbursement amount is excess of any other coverage available which would include, but not be limited to: a manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty, automobile insurance, credit card benefit, etc.

What Repair Reimbursement Does Not Include

No benefit is payable for:

  • Replacement because of loss or damage resulting from any cause other than normal use and operation of the Automobile for which the automobile was designed per the manufacturer’s guidelines;
  • Damage to or failure of product used for commercial purposes;
  • Acts of God
  • Fire, Lightning, Hail and Wind
  • Theft, collision, misuse, abuse
  • Repairs to upgrade or improve the Automobile
  • Cleaning or preventative maintenance required to maintain normal operation of the Automobile
  • Any charges other than parts and labor;
  • Repairs or reimbursement for preventative maintenance or routine maintenance such as oil changes, fluid changes, tires, tire rotation, balancing or alignment.

How to File A Reimbursement Request

To receive reimbursement, the Member should download and print a Repair Reimbursement form. The form must be completed and include the following information:

  1. A bill from repair company showing: 
    1. the date the repair occurred
    2. the problem causing the repair
    3. the amount charged for the repair
  2. Evidence that Member paid the repair company (i.e., copy of check or credit card statement, etc.) 
  3. Evidence of Automobile ownership (i.e., a copy of the Title or Vehicle Registration which shows Member or family member owning or leasing the Automobile). 
  4. Copy of Member’s driver license, and a copy of the family member’s driver’s license, if the Automobile is owned by the family member living in the Member’s primary household. 

The completed form and documentation should be mailed to:

Reimbursement Administrator
30% Auto Repair Reimbursement
PO Box 7690
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 

In order to effectively process the request for a reimbursement, the request must be received within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the date that the repair was made.

Once all of the documentation is submitted and the reimbursement is verified, the Member will receive a check for the amount of the reimbursement. Processing time generally takes about thirty (30) days to issue a check.