Are auto repairs and maintenance costing you too much?

The Carefree Auto plan can put hundreds of dollars back in your pockets each year with member exclusive reimbursements, special rates, and savings.

ServiceBenefit Up ToKey Features
Repair Reimbursement


each year

  • 30% back on covered repairs
  • Mechanical or electrical repairs
Maintenance Savings

Members-Only Rates

  • Up to 20% off maintenance
  • Over 38,000 participating service locations
Roadside Assistance


each year

  • Up to $100 covered per call
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
Tire & Wheel Protection


per replacement

  • $25 per flat repair
  • $150 per tire or wheel replacement
Rental Car Discounts

Up to 25% Off

  • Rent any time
  • Choose from a wide range of models
Carefree Auto Experts


  • Get a trusted second opinion
  • Help finding a qualified repair facility

How Much Will You Save?

The Carefree Auto Plan saves people money every day, and you can start saving too! Get bumper-to-bumper coverage for your vehicles and protect your budget too!

Join Carefree Auto today and start saving!

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